Sunday Services: 8:45 am & 10:00 am 

Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre
9301 Michigan Road
Indianapolis, IN 46268

Across from the Holiday Inn in College Park

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This Sunday

Lenten Series: Week 4

“I Will Be Healed”:

On Sunday we continue our “Before I Die” Lenten journey. This week and next we will look at the miraculous nature of Jesus from healing the blind to raising the dead. Many of us dismiss these so called miracles of the Bible as not being true because miracles defy logic, cannot be proved and doesn’t make sense. In our modern way of thinking we have moved into a culture where logic, knowledge and science guides our world. These advancements continue and will continue to be our primary understanding for navigating the world. But what if there was something more? What if God’s miraculous nature is still manifest in the world today and we are just not taking the time to see it? Join us Sunday to see if you believe in miracles.


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Beef & Boards Show, Sunday March 26


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